Cgs launches journal of governance security and development

Political scientists and economists on Saturday said that the governance was the principal key to development and security issues of a country.

Addressing a virtual discussion and journal launching programme, organised by the Centre for Governance Studies, they said that strong presence of governance was also needed to prevent corruption and irregularities.

The CGS officially launched the ‘Journal of Governance Security & Development’, a peer-reviewed journal which provides a forum for scholarly research and policy-oriented analyses on various dimensions of society, politics, economy, public administration, and security with a focus on South Asia.

Editor-in-Chief of the journal, Professor Habib Zafarullah, said that the governance made the development and security issues smooth. 

He said that the development was understood very broadly in terms of fundamental human needs and ways of social and economic transformation for a more just, equitable and sustainable world.

Security covers conventional, human and ecological security aspects, he said.

Zafarullah, an adjunct faculty at the sociology department of University of New England, Australia, said that the newly-launched journal published conceptually-interesting original cross-disciplinary research and policy-driven essays to initiate debates and discussion in each of the three areas.

In addition to primary research, the journal also publishes review articles, research notes on ongoing research projects, and book reviews.

Professor Ali Riaz of Illinois State University, USA, said that the articles of the journal would help the academics, intellectuals, researchers and policymakers to understand the developing issues in South Asia.

CGS executive director Zillur Rahman moderated the programme, where Centre for Policy Dialogue executive director Fahmida Khatun and Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies senior research fellow Nazneen Ahmed, among others, spoke.

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