Journal on governance security and development launched

The Centre for Governance Studies (CGS), a Dhaka-based think tank, has launched a new, open access, peer-reviewed journal titled 'Journal of Governance, Security and Development'. The launch of the journal was announced through a video conference on Saturday.

Professor Dr Habib Jafarullah will lead the journal as Editor-in-Chief.He is an Adjunct Faculty, School of Humanities, Arts and Social Science at the University of New England, Australia.

Professor Dr Ali Riaz was made a member of the Editorial Board. He is a Distinguished Professor at the Department of Politics and Governance at Illinois State University, USA. Dr Fahmida Khatun was also made a member of the editorial board of the journal.

She is the Executive Director of the Center for Governance Studies. Professor Dr Habib Jafarullah, Professor Dr Ali Riaz, Dr Fahmida Khatun and Dr Najnin Ahmed, Senior Research Fellow of Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies spoke on the purpose and necessity of the 'Journal of Governance, Security and Development'.

The speakers said the journal would provide a forum for scholarly research and policy-oriented analysis on various dimensions of society, politics, economy, public administration, governance and security with a focus on South Asia.
The online version of the journal is available now and the print version will come soon.

Nurul Kabir, Editor of New Age and Dr Manjur A Chowdhury, Acting Chairman of the Center for Governance Studies (CGS) were, among others, connected with the video conference.Zillur Rahman, popular television anchor and Executive Director of the Center for Governance Studies, moderated the function.

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